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Do You Have Any Question Like....

  • When you started a “diet? plan with your friend, why your friend lost well in spite of you following the same thing?
  • Why some people do not loose even after burning good amount of calories in a gym or on field?
  • The diet plan which worked wonders on you is not responding now?
  • Why is that after following a diet plan and after successfully achieving the target it quickly bounced back? Some people gain back more weight than they lost, putting them in an even worse position..
  • You are losing but are your diet adequate in nutrition or nourishment which your body requires?
  • Have you ever wondered our grandparents were having a better stamina and were much healthier than us though they were enjoying food more than us?
  • There used to be a concept of seasonal and non seasonal food – some good and bad combinations …haven’t we missed that science?
  • The Kitchen was governed by this very science which originated from Ayurveda and now it is all governed by taste buds - don’t we let out tongue decide food???

These are the common issues associated with the weight loss. Every individual is different in terms of his Genetics, Body Make Up, Lifestyle, Eating Habits and The Nutritional Requirements. The diets also need to be different focusing and addressing these differences among people. You might have observed that there are few people who are always on diet. Every time they try something new - they lose, but again gain back. You also might start on an exercise schedule, start gym, walk, swimming, sports etc. to help shed the weight. Eventually you will lose, but the moment you say bye-bye to the exercise / activity schedule, you start putting on. Same is the case with the pills, powders, shakes and various so called Herbal Supplements available. Unless you correct your eating habit, their effect will be temporary. The response of body for various food options is different for different individuals. Your body and metabolism are as unique as you are. One diet plan may benefit a person but it should be different for you as you may respond differently to those food options. “We are what we eat?. This is an old age saying as per Ayurveda but still has relevance in present scenario. “Let food be thy medicine” by Hippocrates also points at this. Right food is capable of curing many diseases, naturally. The ingredients as well as unique composition of the food besides providing the nutrition and nourishment, also takes care of many ailments or health issues.


    • How long will you try to reach your goal? Remain focused and loose it as doing a yo – yo diet do more harm to your body than doing it once and maintaining it thereafter.
    • Is your diet plans easy to do in your regular daily life? Keep it realistic. One day you have to come back to regular food which you normally eat than why not try to keep the diets as closer to normal food as compared to eating the boiled vegetables and reducing the portion size. It?s unrealistic and you yourself will break it one day.
    • Is it limited in scope? Be specific. Once you know the relation of food and your body and how to keep a balance, it?s much easier to handle those "eat-outs" and other fancy food.


Give yourself sufficient time to loose and listen to your body rather than being in a blind race to lose. The younger age is an age in which you lay down the foundation for your later life. The healthier you are now the better you will be in your old age.

At our clinic beside managing Overweight and Obesity we effectively manage various diseases and medical issues as Cholesterol Imbalances, Diabetes, PCOD/PCOS, Insulin resistance, IBS, Childhood Obesity and we do help in Pregnancy, Post Pregnancy Diet planning and we also plan the diets for Lactating mothers.

The people who have benefited have lots to say about the diet and the wellness program. The response of the weight loss is evident in terms of weight drop and loss in measurements but for the health issues, we encourage to get the investigations done or to be repeated after certain time interval so that the improvements can be marked and monitored. In Diabetes the HbA1c is repeated, for Hypertension a regular monitoring of BP shows the improvement, for Dyslipidemia or Hypercholesterolemia – subsequent Lipid Profiles will show the improvement. Similarly for PCOD/PCOS/Hyperinsulinemia or Insulin resistance by repeating the blood tests and repeating the ultrasonography in PCOD/PCOS marks the improvement.

At our clinic the diets are planned only after a proper evaluation based on various parameters and we do take into account your previous weight loss endeavors, medical history, family history of diseases and medical issues you have faced or are facing. The diet plans help to correct the irregularities at the elemental nature of the body, help to correct the metabolism and give you weight loss. We are Ayurvedic Doctors by profession so your health is foremost importance to us. The diets have to achieve much more than just the weight loss. If you are not nutritionally compromised, you will feel better, more energetic and lighter from within and your metabolism will be better. In our program we will be telling you how to maintain the delicate balance of body, just eat according to that. You don't have to learn rocket science for this. It?s related to simple things in everyday's diet pattern. You will learn your body compatibilities - things which help to loose or maintain weight. The main culprit lies in the food which you are eating or choosing. Once you know the effect of food and what foods are 'good' for you, its easy for you to loose and to maintain the lost weight.

For a temporary weight loss with the low cal diet or supplements, we cannot put your health at stake so we provide you ample to eat. Unlike other diet clinics, we equip you with the knowledge to take responsibilities of yourself. After achieving the target weight and following the instruction provided in the maintenance program you are able to take charge of yourself and are able to maintain the lost weight and good health.