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Ultimate Life About us

Ayurveda, “the science of life,” is an intricate health care system.

Your body and metabolism are as unique as you are. The purpose of Doctor’s Wellness Program is to bring your body to its optimum wellness through the right balance of nutrition. Using the most up-to-date, medically sound advice and guidance, we'll be by your side supporting your journey to successful weight management and lifelong wellness.

We also experience dealing with complex medical problems that can result from obesity (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, hormonal imbalances, etc.) and with patients suffering from unrelated diseases and conditions that may complicate their weight loss endeavors (Hysterectomy, PCOS, IBS, Arthritis, Orthopedic Injuries, Angioplasty, Coronary Artery Bypass, etc.).

Wellness is about being more than natural. One crucial tenet is that preventing illness is even more important than treating it, especially since many chronic diseases are incurable. Doctor's Wellness Program helps you in making the life-style choices and self-care decisions that will improve the quality of your life.

Are you looking for a quick fix? We're sorry to tell you that it doesn't exist. Only you can truthfully gauge whether your current routine or lifestyle is lacking something or leading to various health problems in future. If you are honest, serious, and willing to make some important changes to support and enhance permanent wellness in you, remain assured that you will see the results of the positive changes.

Dr. Amit & Dr. Smriti

What we do At our clinic...

  • The diets are planned only after a proper evaluation based on various parameters and we do take into account your previous weight loss endeavors, medical history, family history of diseases and medical issues you have faced or are facing. The diet plans help to correct the irregularities at the elemental nature of the body, help to correct the metabolism and give you weight loss.

    We are Ayurvedic Doctors by profession so your health is foremost importance to us.

    The diets have to achieve much more than just the weight loss. If you are not nutritionally compromised, you will feel better, more energetic and lighter from within and your metabolism will be better. In our program we will be telling you how to maintain the delicate balance of body, just eat according to that. You don't have to learn rocket science for this. It?s related to simple things in everyday's diet pattern. You will learn your body compatibilities - things which help to loose or maintain weight. The main culprit lies in the food which you are eating or choosing. Once you know the effect of food and what foods are 'good' for you, its easy for you to loose and to maintain the lost weight.

    For a temporary weight loss with the low diet or supplements. We cannot put your health at stake so we provide you ample to eat. Unlike other diet clinics, we equip you with the knowledge to take responsibilities of yourself. After achieving the target weight and following the instruction provided in the maintenance program you are able to take charge of yourself and are able to maintain the lost weight and good health.

Ultimate Life Our Value

There are no quick fix solutions to problems especially if it is related to health so we believe in empowering you – by guiding right foods, making positive lifestyle modifications – so that you develop a positive change and make right choices to get healthier by natural ways.


We are committed to provide amazing value and services for our clients with a caring, personal and professional service that relies on our core values of Fairness, Willingness, Respect, Honour and Integrity. We pride ourselves on our ongoing technical expertise which is significantly above the industry standard.

Using cutting-edge tools and techniques, combined with in-depth and comprehensive assessment, we achieve fantastic results for our clients through valuable lifestyle changes.

We use a proven, effective and simple approach to wellness incorporating best measures in nutrition and lifestyle. This system improves and empowers our client’s health, fitness, energy and function with lasting results.

As a health Care professionals, We completely understand the general confusion that many people have, based on marketing hype, misinformation and bias agenda’s to the information we receive