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|| tasyaaushah punyatamo vedo vedvidam matah ||
Charak Samhita 1/43

Ayurveda, “the science of life,” is an intricate health care system. This holistic approach to healing is based on the twin principles of “Wholeness and Balance”. Instead of following the one- cause-one-cure principle and focusing on the symptoms of the moment Ayurveda is a Healing tradition. Ayurveda recommends treating the person as whole i.e. body, mind, senses, emotions and spirit. Diet, sleep, lifestyle, daily and seasonal routines and internal cleansing are just as, or more, important than herbs and potions in order to maintain good health. Ayurveda is equally about maintaining or preserving good health as it is about treating disorders.

The Ayurvedic approach to health is gentle and comprehensive. The endeavor is to seek and correct the source of problems. Best results from Ayurveda come to those who are patient and persistent, who diligently adopt the associated dietary and lifestyle changes needed, and take a degree of responsibility for their own well-being.


  • Ayurveda says that the body is made of three components or Bio Energires viz. Vaata, Pitta and Kapha. These three are tripod of our life. These three bio energies perform and govern all the activities taking place in the body. Every person has these three components but their proportions differ from person to person. Depending on the proportion of these a person develops peculiar physical and mental traits also called Constitution or Body Type. Imbalance of these leads to various disorders including Obesity. So, the needs of bodies are different.

    || ayuh-sattva-bal-arogya- sukha-priti-vivardhanah ||
    Bhagavad Gita ?17.8

    Diet is one of the most important Ayurvedic tools for achieving this balance. Therefore a good diet is of prime importance. It not only helps to maintain the body's health and vitality, but also has a great effect on the well-being of the mind. Thus, eating right helps to alleviate the Obesity and other disorders.
    Ayurveda classifies various types of food like vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, etc on the basis of their energies and the affect that they have on the body and mind. This can help us in choosing the foods that are good for your individual constitution, while avoiding the ones that are likely to be harmful to you.


Ayurveda, “the science of life,” is an intricate health care system.


Our bodies are made of three bio energies which in turn represents the elements present in nature so are the food which we eat. We should always aim to keep the bio energies in sync with each other by correct eating habits and correct lifestyle. Whenever there is a derangement in the sync it may leads to illnesses or may imbalance metabolism. With balanced harmony in Bio Energies we are healthier, fitter and in terms of weight we are able to manage the weight effectively.

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The ever changing season too has an impact on a person’s metabolism and body. One should always take food as per the season and as per the imbalances. As we already know our diet, activities and routine have a direct impact on our health so is the changing season. The BioEnergies keep changing according to the season. Hence it is important to make some changes in our diet and regimen according to the season. Following the respective Ritucharya builds body's immunity and checks the adverse impact of seasonal changes on body.

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